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The only on-air talent bio that ever made me laugh- this girl in Mississippi posted Taylor Swift’s biography as her own.  DJ’s aren’t the most creative when it comes to writing. I will do my best to sum my life up and ask you finish reading before “clicking through” to a contest.

Born in Ohio, raised in Atlanta. Purdue graduate.

First job in Austin, Texas then on to New York for a failed marriage.

I have a daughter Madeleine that just turned four and she is my world!  I have truly been blessed.

The most dogs I have ever owned at one time was five.  I currently have two.

I really wanted to be on TV, but a guy I worked with told me I had really fat calves and I would never survive.  So behind the mic I stayed.

I seem to have a weird attraction to short, fat, bald men with low self-esteem. Hopefully, therapy will cure me of that.

I can’t remember the last time I went on a decent date.

If I had money I would collect cars.

I can’t watch any “Kardashian” show without running to the mirror and “inspecting” all my flaws.

I still don’t know how to work my iphone.

My only “claim to fame:” my friend was mentioned in the Steve Jobs book.

I’m hooked on bratwurst.  Bring on Packer Season!
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Wake up with Rachel Williams and WOGB

Wake up with Rachel Williams and WOGB

Rachel will start you day with all you need to make it GREAT!  Local updates, celebrity scoop and of course Green Bay’s Classic Hits!  So does it with a smile and her very own Green and Gold Style!  6 AM to 9 AM each Weekday on WOGB!