AOTM: Bob Seger is Available on Vinyl Again

Singer Bob Seger at Capitol Records studio in Los Angeles in 2014. (Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Bob Seger’s discography spans 17 studio albums, multiple compilations, and over 60 released singles. In his career, he has won Grammy Awards, been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and been named the Legend of Live by Billboard. His career is marked with a songwriting style that is unpretentious and real. His ability to write stories listeners can relate to has helped him make a permanent mark on the music world. It is due to this skill many have purchased his records, and in 2017, fans are able to purchase two of his albums on vinyl.

For many Bob Seger fans, they have seen vinyl come and go, and then come back again. Until 1988, vinyl was one of the main mediums for music. Sales from CDs after this time caused the vinyl record industry to lose momentum and sales, however, vinyl has been making a comeback in recent years. In 2015, vinyl saw a huge jump in its sales (up almost 32%/$416 million); the most since 1988 ( The comeback is not surprising to those who love it. Vinyl’s unique sound quality sets it apart from CD and digital as it captures all of the sounds from a recording. CD and digital song files eliminate the sounds the human ear cannot pick up. While many scientists say the human ear won’t be able to recognize all the sounds recorded on vinyl, the quality is better by leaps and bounds; and those in the music industry understand this difference. Additionally, big name artists such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are releasing vinyl editions of their albums. Whether this is for nostalgia, sales, or both, the industry is expected to continue its upswing and its comeback.

Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits is available on purple vinyl, 2017.

Bob Seger’s career has been through all of these various stages in medium, and it is only fitting that he release on vinyl. Seger’s Greatest Hits reached a major milestone this year with over 10 million in sales (certified diamond by the RIAA). In celebration of the huge moment, Capitol Records/Ume decided to release both his Greatest Hits, as well as, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man on vinyl. Fans can purchase the Greatest Hits album in “…a 2LP, double album, in 150gram and 180gram black vinyl.  And for a limited time, Greatest Hits will be available in a special 150gram 2LP, double album, [and] purple color vinyl exclusively on (” Likewise, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, which is Seger’s debut album from 1969, is available on 150gram black vinyl and for the first time on blue colored vinyl. Seger is also Capital Records longest-tenured solo artist, which places him in a category like no other.

Bob Seger’s discography contains 17 studio albums, multiple compilations, and over 60 released singles. His career has seen the birth, death, and resurrection of the vinyl record. With Seger being Capital Records longest-running solo artist, it is only fitting that Seger again be placed on vinyl to celebrate his Greatest Hits going diamond in sales.

~Jenna Jakes, WOGB

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